LifeCoaching Summer Update

ONE HOPE exists to develop and train disciples from the community for the urban church. We are an urban missions platform which comes alongside inner city churches in order that indigenous-led urban churches may be planted and revitalized. One way we do this is through LifeCoaching. Stephanie Laferrriere is our LifeCoach. Please read Stephanie's summer LifeCoaching update below.

ONE HOPE LifeCoaching Report 2017 (as of June 2017)


  • 7 Graduates from WORKLIFE program connected to employment opportunities
  • 4 WORKLIFE Cohorts October, February and March & May
  • 6 businesses and employers directly involved in our network
  • 150 hours of individual and life coaching sessions and follow up.
  • 190 hours invested into WORKLIFE job training class
  • 10 individuals in preparation for mentor/ally training

Goals for 2017

  • To provide job training for 40 individuals and connect them to further job opportunities
  • To continue to facilitate relationships between allies, mentors and trainees for support.
  • To launch WORKLIFE at two neighboring high schools  

Gospel Conversations:

Khalidah who comes from a Muslim background has always been interested in hearing about the Christian faith. She had no one to help her understand the truth of the Gospel. Through LifeCoaching she was able to get connected, not only with job training and counseling, but with an evangelism class called Christianity Explained led by Pastor Joel.

Richard had always thought he was spiritual but had not grasped the truth about repentance in trust in Christ. Through the work of ONE HOPE at The Garden Church, he has begun confront the realities of sin and the Gospel.

Tori, a young mother has been helped by a ONE HOPE mentor from The Garden Church who has taught her to steward her responsibility as a mom. Her mentor also has taught her the grace of God in forgiveness of sins. This work as just begun and we pray that these relationships would be a beacon of hope that God uses for conversion.

Dwayne is an ex-convict who has been looking for employment opportunities. Daily facing crime and death, he struggles to press on. We've been able to speak Gospel truth into this and he currently desires to stay out of the lifestyle that he was once in. He has expressed his thankfulness in having ONE HOPE as a resource. Dwayne just landed a job and we pray now have his eyes opened to his greater need for Christ.

(Names Changed for Confidentiality)

Prayer Requests:

  • That each of our trainees would know the love of Christ as we seek to love them holistically both through physical and spiritual needs.
  • Pray for fruitful partnerships between partners, local organizations and employers in our business network.
  • Pray for our city in particular the specific families of the people that we serve as there are daily hardships that make it extremely difficult to function.

Thank you for your support of our ministry.
Stephanie Laferriere

Joel Kurz