one hope Training



Training is essential. In some ways, training is the essence of what ONE HOPE does. Whether through training future Gospel workers and church planters, or through resourcing the local church to train people in their communities at the ground level.


Ground Level Training



WorkLife is our core job training program offered throughout the year. This Gospel-centered program trains men and women in a theology of work and prepares them for the work force.

Young Leader Society

Our Young Leader Society offers tutoring, mentorship, life skills, and Gospel ministry to neighborhood youth.


Raising up leaders


Urban Leadership Intern Program

The Urban Leadership Intern Program trains men and women from the city for the city. It is designed for new believers from the context. The training includes basic discipleship, Bible study skills, doctrine, and like skills. Those invited into the program receive training five days per week (Monday through Friday), a stipend, and are provided opportunities to serve and grow.


Intense Discipleship Class

Our Intense Discipleship Class is a weekly, three hour seminary-level class open to all. Our interns are part of IDC and will graduate by the end of their internship. IDC trains students in areas of theology, church history, ecclesiology, and Biblical studies.


Church Planter Residencies

Church Planter Residencies are part of our overall strategy to plant and revitalize churches. Church planter candidates receive a two year residency at The Garden Church while preparing to plant.


ONE HOPE Conference and Workshops

ONE HOPE Conference and Workshops seek to broadly train urban churches through various events. In 2019, we will host our second biennial ONE HOPE Conference focusing on the theology applied to urban ministry. Our theme will be “grace alone.” In 2018, we launched Hope for the City Seminars as training events on specific topics. See Upcoming Events for more information.